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TikTok marketing strategy

Hey, what’s up everybody, it’s Stacey Storino, welcome back to my channel, the number one place for entrepreneur moms with a digital presence. Now, if you’re wanting to know EntrepreneurMom TikTok Marketing Strategy in a way that works well, what with your busy life, today’s video is all about my Entrepreneur Mom TikTok Marketing Strategy. So be sure to hit that Like button AND Subscribe to get real world help that entrepreneur moms like YOU need to succeed when you’re doing business online today! Now, if you’re at all wondering about HowTo Use TikTok For Your Business, I covered three different ways that you could use the TikTok app for your products based or services based business right now, even before a clickable link is rolled out for use in profiles on TikTok (and that feature is currently in the beta testing stage, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing it available widespread soon enough).

You can’t sit on the sidelines any longer. You’ve gotta get on TikTok! So if you missed THAT most recent video in the series, be sure to check it out. But here, in THIS video, we’re talking about my Entrepreneur Mom TikTok Marketing Strategy. If you’ve been rummaging through videos here on YouTube in order to figure out what your TikTok marketing strategy should be at this time, well…you MIGHT have encountered some YouTubers…say, some super young YouTubers…who are giving advice on their videos where you likely ended up getting treated to an earful of cursing as well as the advice (so mature), or you were treated to a bunch of memes or foo foo effects in their videos (and you’re like…c’mon, get to the point) or they had OTHER sophomoric stuff going on and you had to suffer through it…which is hard, as an adult who’s been a straight up businessperson for at least a minute yourself…to take! And during all of that noise, you might have even gotten some advice from said super young adult YouTubers about growing a platform on TikTok that may have seemed sketchy to you as you heard it. Like, if you find yourself asking questions such as: “Is this really an ethical strategy?”

I’m gonna say that sooner or later the answer for TikTok is probably gonna be NO. You might be able to get away with some stuff now, but given the pattern of evolution on other social media apps, you won’t be able to get away with that stuff for long. So you shouldn’t waste your time, because what you can get away with today with these “grey hat strategies” you’re just gonna get penalized for tomorrow. We’re talking shadow-banned, that sort of stuff. Who needs it? OR you might have heard some of the advice out there and thought to yourself, “Isn’t TikTok gonna crack down on that sort of thing? That sounds too much like sub-for-sub on YouTube, that sort of thing…you know, things that don’t work and end up working against you in the algorithm.” I’m gonna say, again, that sooner or later the answer, when it comes to TikTok for this sort of stuff, is probably gonna be, YES, TikTok’s gonna crack down on things that are shady, sketchy, two-dimensional stuff that isn’t going to keep people on the app in and of themselves anyway, like, for example, being in follow pods or follow for follow stuff. Games like that.

Things that, you may remember, worked on Instagram not so long ago and are totally verboten or forbidden now. Things that can get the account you’ve worked so hard gaming the system for…shut down and/or banned. Um, who needs that? If you’re an adult watching this, you’re probably like me. You’ve been around the block before, you know this stuff might get you some instant growth…maybe…but two things:  Number one, the app eventually is gonna penalize these shortcuts, as well it should AND, number two, these follow for follow deals, for example, don’t likely involve people who are actual members of your niche. You know, people who will actually buy your goods and/or services…the most important people on earth in terms of your business. Vanity metrics, again, are great for first impressions but by themselves do NOT pay the bills, am I right? PLUS, you know that eventually these shady characters giving you TikTok advice today, who, again, are likely super young adults with comparatively little life experience at best themselves, are going to be building these huge TikTok platforms TODAY, with little to no engagement in comparison with the gargantuan amount of followers that they currently have and…oh, wow, eventually their profile health score or trust score, if we’re talking about how their account is rated on the app…will definitely suffer over time! Don’t forget, right now, the TikTok app might still be in a huge growth phase and land grab phase…but that’s not gonna last forever. And sooner or later, things on TikTok will be just like they are on Instagram and elsewhere. Shortcuts and gaming the system with no real depth to it will be penalized. Buying followers and likes? No go.

Having a huge community that, a lot of whom saunters off in terms of their attention after there’s more competition for things theyACTUALLY are into instead of just the relatively few influencers who are on the app now, who currently have their captive attention? Just cutting your nose off to spite your face. I don’t want you wasting your time with any of that nonsense. So, OK, now that I have your attention, let’s talk about working the short game properly while keeping the long view about what itis you really came to DO on TikTok, OK Momma? We all know that means winning over prospect sand sooner or later scoring sales, right? TikTok Marketing Strategy One:  BeautifulBio You’ve hopefully secured a profile name or TikTok handle that’s your name or the name of your business. So that is clear and speaks for itself. No one coming across your profile should be confused…ever, let alone from the start, about who you are or what your business is. For sure, just like you would on, say, Instagram, you want to have a profile icon or picture that’s of you, from the chest up, against a brightly colored or bold background (for great contrast) and I’m of the personal opinion that you should be looking at the camera, not closing your eyes, looking down or away from the viewer. People want to see the whites of your eye sand vibe with you.

If you’re looking away, on a subconscious level, that could put people off. And you never have a second chance to make a first impression. You should have the first line of actual text in your bio make very clear what YOU do in terms of a job title…the confused don’t buy and the confused also don’t follow, so if you’re a Social Media Coach like I am, for example, then that’s what you say you are. Don’t have something snarky or indirect be in there. Please. Leave that to the children who are playing around on the app, OK? Right under that first line, you want to leave a tagline or slogan that is short and sweet AND makes it even more clear that you’re on the TikTok app to help your ideal customer…even state something specific that explains how you’re there to help. I mean it! Keep it short, though. Even saying something quick like, “Hereto help you!” is plenty. In fact, how smart is that? People now know who you are, what you do (orthe name of your business and what it’s all about) and…gee, the invitation is open for YOU to help THEM. Nice. They’re more likely to reach out to you then! Solid! The next three lines can make clear, again, what your business does in terms of providing value to its customers or how you serve your clients. What are the top three things that your clientele wants or needs? Leave a bullet point list of what those three things are that you do that would help to satisfy those wants or needs. TikTok Marketing Strategy Two:  Helpful Feed Now, when people are done seeing your bio, they’ll see, once this is out of beta and rolled out for everyone, a clickable link. Oh, sweet Momma, I can’t wait until we all have that! And the link that I’d have you post is NOT what you think you should post…

I’ll all but guarantee you’ll be shocked at what that is BUT! I’m not gonna give that away in here. Not everyone has access yet…and that’s really a whole other topic for a whole other video…because it’s that important that you get this one link right the first time. The right decision could just explode your business. But for now, let’s move on! How is your feed going to be helpful, you ask? You’re an adult, you’re marketing to your niche, so create content for TikTok that would be helpful to your niche, not make videos of you prancing around with nothing but a barbed wire on loincloth because that’s what the crazy kids are doing nowadays. You’re not there to do stuff like that. Not on your business account, anyway. Before I go any further, you should know what a niche is, who your business is meant to serve in a VERY narrowed down, focused way because if you go too broad here it’ll make it all but impossible to successfully market to your ideal customer effectively on any platform, let alone TikTok. Now…keep in mind…if you’re fuzzy on your niche, I’ve got another video coming up in this series that’ll provide you assistance on this front, for sure. In the meantime, just make sure that you’re creating content and publishing it to TikTok that will be helpful or provide value to your niche. Not everyone. Just members of your niche. In other words, IF you know your niche well,THEN you know what the main interest is that they have that could connect them with your business in the first place. That means that you understand your ideal customer’s needs, their problems and their desires. People pay to solve problems. Period.

To be an effective entrepreneur mom you haveGOT to be in the business of solving a problem. So, if you’re kinda fuzzy on this front, no worries, I’ve got another video that’ll appear in this series that should help you to make the tweaks that you have to make in order to move someone from browser to buyer…on TikTok and everywhere else. Presuming you have a proper understanding of your niche, then you know how to provide value to them in the form of your TikTok content. You know how to entertain them, how to educate them and even how to inspire them, all in a way that is connected to the interest that brought them to a business or an influencer just like you. When you create true value for a particular narrowed-down niche, they’ll literally all but see themselves in a mirror when they’re consuming your content. Your information, inspiration and/or entertainment will feel so custom to their lives that they’ll feel like you made your content just for people exactly like them. Which you did. Or your content might be falling a bit flat. Again, make sure you’re subscribed to myYouTube channel, I’ve made a career out of helping entrepreneur moms just like you clear hurdles just like these for years….

The bottom line is that when someone becomes aware of you on TikTok, because the app’s algorithm served up your carefully created, appropriately optimized content to them to consume, they’ll be so pleased that they’ll consume the content, engage with it, look up your profile (it’s easy, they can just click your profile name or your handle and voila, there’s your profile feed) and then? They’re gonna see that there’s a LOT more custom content where that came from so…boom! They’ll subscribe. Then they’ll either be served up more ofyour content in their For You page feed OR they’ll just search for you, because I don’t care what the kids are spewing in their YouTube videos giving you TikTok advice right now…peopleDO look up the accounts of creators they like on TikTok. They don’t just zoom through the feed like simpletons and forget that you exist, especially if your content serves up value just for people like them. They don’t forget you exist unless TikTok shoves you in their face every second. Not the adults anyway! You know, the grown adults who you’re tryingto attract, who have disposable income and brains that are fully developed because they’reOUT of childhood, know darn well how to look up profiles they like while out in the TikTok wild, and that’s before they even go to their own profile to tap on the word Following…because they can get to you that way, too.

Please…. TikTok Marketing Strategy Three:  HeavenlyHashtags Now, for real, I have at least two videos planned in this series that’s gonna give you a deep, deep dive into hashtags and how to optimize your content…both on TikTok and on other platforms…so that you can actually be found by the very people your business was meant to serve in the first place. Do you need to be found by everyone? God, NO! Not everyone is your ideal customer! If you try to sell to everyone, you end up selling to no one. But the bottom line is that you have to optimize your TikTok videos so that they’re more likely than not to be found by members of your niche on the app. They’re the only people in the whole wide world that matters to you, because they’re the only ones that are going to be inclined to buy your stuff in the first place. So, please don’t go flinging up content on TikTok without hashtags. Every carefully curated hashtag that chaperones your content out onto the TikTok platform will make sure that, more likely than not,the perfect catch sees that content. If you don’t have hashtags attached to your content, then TikTok’s AI or artificial intelligence has to try to figure out who that perfect catch for your content IS…and if you’re served out to a bunch of people in the first wave of exposure on the app, and no one or almost no one engages with your content because they’re not interested in it…then your digital fruit died on the vine, so to speak.

What a waste of your time, right? So pick out the hashtags that will make it easier for your content to be placed in front of people that will likely find it heavenly. Optimizing your posts are key on any platform…don’t do it, or do it poorly, and you won’t get many or even ANY results! But when you optimize your content properly on TikTok, you’re likely going to be attracting members of your niche, who will appreciate the tailor-made value you’re serving up in that content (again, you made it for them and NOT everyone anyway) and you know what? They’re more likely to respond, engage, follow you, binge watch your other content…all of which, by the way, brings you more algorithmic favor from the TikTok AI anyway. You’re keeping people on the app longer…the more they reject content on the app, the more likely it is that they’ll be frustrated and get out of the app altogether, which is absolutely NOT what the AI wants as it run sits algorithm sorting and resorting content all day long…so if you make nice to TikTok,it makes nice to you right back! Plus, with the proper content creation and hashtag optimization strategy, you’ll be earning a bunch of KLT Factor, or Know, Like and Trust from the prospects who will come to love your business, its content and all it stands for…which sooner or later moves them from browser to buyer. It really does. TikTok Marketing Strategy Four:  FavorableFrequency Here’s the part that might make you cringe,Momma. Brace yourself.

A lot of kiddos dishing out TikTok advice here on YouTube are braying about people needing to publish ten times a day. Ummm…that’s kinda crazy when you’re not just someone that’s gotta think to put down their game controller to stop playingCall of Duty, stop slurping on the ramen noodles they made for themselves (they don’t have a family to feed, after all) and bust out, like, dozens of TikToks all day long. That’s NOT you, that’s not feasible, especially when you’ve got other things like house, spouse, kids, worship, pets and plants to take care of, maybe even elder care, the job that pays the bills and then your dream business(if, of course, that’s NOT already the job that pays the bills). Now…now these crazy kids want you publishing, like, TEN pieces of content to TikTok alone…every single day??? And you’re like:  Are they out of their natural minds? Well, there’s two ways to look at this, and I promise to do a deeper dive on this in another video in this series…BUT, WayNumber One is:  If you DO publish a crap ton of times on TikTok daily, you’re kind a brute force getting out there in front of others on the app, and the more lines you put in the water, so to speak, the more fish you might be able to catch. And since it’s pretty easy to catch the proverbial fish on TikTok right now, why not put in the effort to scoop more of them up? Or reel more of them in? You know what I mean. The pro to this way of posting, like, ten times a day, is that you could stack the deck in your favor more now while it’s easy todo so.

I DO get that. But…the con for entrepreneur moms…entrepreneur parents, really…who are already juggling so many flaming torches…IS that Way NumberOne might not be possible given all of your commitments. That’s OK… Way Number Two is for those of you who justare now picking themselves up off the floor from having fainted when you heard about posting ten times a day. Anywhere. On any app. For any reason. I know, I know. Crazy, right? But for those entprereneurs who can pull offWay Number One, even during launch week having to do with launching their actual app on TikTok itself, well, maybe that’s not a bad idea. Space out all of the posts, and see what washesashore. (Still with that fishing metaphor here, I guess). But Way Number Two is to publish at least three times a day and more whenever you can do it. Three, I would think, is the absolute minimum–maybe once around breakfast for you, once around lunch and once around dinner. That’s at least spreading things out enough so that you have a chance to be served up in the app throughout the course of a day and see what’s working after a few days of this sort of schedule.

IF you find you have more hits or growth lateron in the day, then maybe publish all three of your posts later on in the day. Three 15 to 60 second videos that you create in app isn’t really such a big deal…and you’ll get faster and more efficient creating them the more you actually create them, so if you really take a moment to think about it, logistically, even the busiest entrepreneur mom might be able to work TikTok throughout the day in a way that would still bring her super great growth thanks to the unprecedented organic reach that she can enjoy right now, that makes adding one more thing to her busy schedule VERY worthwhile. If you can post more frequently on the weekend on TikTok, then, hey, do it. Don’t stress, Momma. But…and I’m an entrepreneur mom myself so I don’t say this likely…do NOT pass up the golden opportunity you’ve got in this moment in time when it comes to marketing your business on TikTok, OK? Please post down below and let me know…are you gonna post to TikTok using Way Number One? Way Number Two? Or some custom blend between them both? I wanna know!

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