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My everyday makeup

Hello everyone! And welcome back to my channel.

Today I’m going to be showing you all how I do my makeup. This is a look that I would use normally if I have to go out and look presentable. It’s pretty much my go-to look. I haven’t been using a lot of makeup during this time. But this is a pretty easy and quick look. So this is a look that I tend to go for. First thing I do is put my hair back and away from my face so I don’t get any makeup in my hair. The primer that I use is by Fenty Beauty.

It’s just the Instant Retouch Primer, in soft matte. This primer does a pretty good job at evening out texture on your face. I tend to have a lot of big pores on my nose and under my eyes. And this does a pretty good job. But I am on the look-out for another primer so if you have any recommendations please send those my way. I then put my foundation on my beauty blender. Make sure to get your beauty blender wet before you use it. The foundation that I use is by Fenty Beauty again. And it’s just the Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, in the shade 110. I have a pretty oily face so I always tend to go for the foundations that have a matte finish. So if you have an oily face, then I recommend this one.

Make sure to blend this all over your face and make sure to get this on your neck as well. Just blend, blend, blend. And make sure your foundation is even out all over your face. Make sure to get all the nooks and crannies on your face filled with foundation. I have a pretty big nose so I have to make sure that the foundation gets into all the little spots on my nose and around my eyes. Please excuse the background noise. *There was a siren going off* Again, if you have to move your nose to get the foundation on your face, do that. And I cannot stress this enough, make sure to bring out your foundation onto your neck so it doesn’t look like you’re a floating head. And dab, dab, dab. Okay, so I lost the footage where I put on my setting powder and my contour. But basically, I just used the Airspun Looseface powder. And this is just a face powder, I got this from Amazon.

And it’s pretty cheap. And then for my contour, I just used the Hoola Benefit *Bronzer*. And for my highlighter, I just used the ColourPop Got Me Beaming palette. I used the shade “Please Do” Oh and for my contour I go in with the Urban Decay NakedBasics palette and I used the… The brown shade next to the black shade named “Crave” Can’t see the name of it but I just use that for the highest points of my contour. Here I’m just putting on my highlighter. For my nose and right above my lips. I use the Urban Decay Naked Palette and I used the shade “Virgin” I just use that because it gives it a little bit more sparkle than the other highlighter that I used. I then use the BeautyBlush Duo by Pixi in the shade “Peach Honey” I put this on the apples of my cheeks. Just so that they’re a little bit rosey. This also has a little bit of sparkle to it as well. So I just put this on the tip of my nose.

I then go back in with some highlighter just to make it pop more. I then use this cream highlighter by Glow Serum. Just to make my cheeks pop a little bit more. I’d recommend using this before all of your setting powder because it was kind of difficult to blend this out. Yep, as you can see there, I have a big blotch of highlighter there that I had trouble with. I then try to save that cheek by using the Haloscope highlighter by Glossier in the shade “Quartz” This is a really good highlighter because it really did help with blending out that other one that I used. I use this without makeup as well and it looks really good. So if you don’t use a lot of makeup, then I recommend using this highlighter. And again, I just put this on the tip of my nose and the space above my lips. Okay, that space is called your cupid’s bow. I then use this spoolie brush end of this pen. I just use this to comb out my eyebrows and make sure that there’s no loose powder in them or other makeup. And this just helps to clean them out and get them ready for my next step. After my eyebrows are all combed out, I go in with this angled eyebrow brush and I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in the shade “Ebony” And I just go in and fill out all of the sparse areas in my eyebrows. Sorry for being off-camera during this step. I didn’t realize I was when I was doing this.

There you can kind of see the difference between my eyebrows. On the left side, you have my natural brow and then on the right side you have the one that I’m filling out. As you can see there is a big difference. As you can see it takes me quite a bit of time to do my eyebrows. Fun fact, the left eyebrow on my face is slightly smaller (meant to say thinner) than the right. So I always have trouble making them even. The next product that I use is just this small elf palette. It’s pretty old so I’m not sure if they sell this anymore (I checked, they do!) But I use the light brown powder on the right side of the palette and I just go in fill out the… I fill in the beginning of my eyebrows I just go in and fill a little bit of them in so that my eyebrows don’t look like they were painted on (not hating, just not my preference) this just makes them look a little bit more natural. Then I also go in and fill out any sparse areas that I see. I also bring out the end of my eyebrow a little bit more. Make that line a little bit more precise and defined. Here I am going back again with the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade. After looking at myself I realized that my eyebrows are not the same. So you have me filling in my eyebrow just to make it more even. I then use this small Eyeko brow liner pen in the shade “medium.” Just using this to fill in any sparse areas that I see.

This liner kind of looks like a marker. But the shade is very faint so it doesn’t look like you’re actually drawing in your eyebrows. I then go back in with the spoolie end of this brush just to comb out any excess product. I then use the Glossier Boy Brow. In the shade “brown.” And this just fills in any sparse areas again. this is also really good to kind of set your eyebrows in place. So that the hairs aren’t just… So that the hairs go in the direction that you want them to. I would also recommend this if you don’t use a lot of makeup or you just want to have like a little bit of a more natural look. And this is really good just to help bring out your brows a little bit more. And help make them a little bit fuller as well. I then use this palette from ColourPop. It’s called “Cute AF.” This is pretty much my go-to palette. So it looks a little bit well used. But I just go in with a small brush and use the shade “Bling” just to kind of even out my eyelids. I then use the Urban Decay Naked palette again. I use the shade “Naked.” I just go into the corner of my eyes and blend that out. I then use the Supershock Shadow in the shade “Boy Band” from ColourPop. And I just put this at the outer corners of my eyes. I then go back in and put the shade “Naked” underneath my eyes or underneath my waterline. And I just bring this out.

Okay you can’t see this but I am going back in with the ColourPop palette. from ColourPop. And I use the shade “Mischief.” Onto the outer corners of my eyes again and I just want to bring that out a little bit more. Now I’m putting that underneath my waterline and blending that out. I’m then going back in, underneath my eyebrows using the shade “Virgin” from the Naked palette. I use this to just kind of blend everything out so that nothing looks splotchy. I’m then using another Supershock shadow, this time in the shade “Supermodel.” And I just put this on the middle of my eyelids. Again I am just going back in and blending everything out again with the shade “Buck” from the Naked palette. And again I am just going back in with the “Boy Band” Supershock shadow from ColourPop onto the outer corners of my eyes. Now I’m using, sorry, using this pen from Etude House called Dear Girls Big Eyes Marker. Sorry, Maker, Big Eyes Maker. I am using the highlighter shade, oh, the highlight end of it. Now I’m going back in on my highlight with the Fenty Beauty highlighter in the shade “Metal Moon.” Now I’m just putting that underneath my eyebrow.

Again I am just going back in with the highlighters that I used before. I am using the Pixi palette that I used in the beginning. Now I’m just using the Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlighter in the shade “Metal Moon.” And I use that for my cheekbones and the space underneath my contour. Again just putting some highlighter on the tip of my nose and my cupid’s bow area. Now I’m just using the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. This is my go-to setting spray it just sets everything in. And it really helps when you’re wearing a mask and you have makeup underneath. It does a really good job at preventing any makeup to go onto your mask. I then use a makeup remover wipe to remove any makeup on my lips. I then use it to wipe any makeup that accidentally gets on my hairline. I then use a lash curler to curl my eyelashes. I have really small eyelashes so I really need to do this step.

This is a really old lash curler so I probably need to get a new one. It takes me a while to actually curl my lashes. Might be the curler, might just be my eyelashes. I then use Glossier’s Lash Slick mascara. This is a really good mascara for your bottom lashes since the wand is really small. It also does a good job at preventing any, any mascara build-up. Or I guess excess. And because this mascara tends to be a little bit more natural I do go back in with a second mascara. And this is just the BadGal Bang Mascara from Benefit. And I just use this to add a little bit more, I guess drama onto my lashes. And make them more… Make them stand out more. And then I go back in with the Glossier mascara. Just to… Just to…

To remove any excess mascara from the other one that I used. I then use this random lip gloss that I found. Got this from my BirchBox, box. And it’s from Mann.. Okay, so that is the finished look. Hope you guys (and gals) like this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up. And please subscribe. (The finished look under bathroom lighting. Which might arguably be the best lighting.)

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