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Mandinka wakeup

See I’ve not even finished yet my eyes are watering. and….

Us women have suffered What exactly do we gain from this? But it looks pretty, that’s all that matters right? And that’s the final look, then I’m gonna do this other eye off camera, then I’ll come back and do my foundation and concealer. So I’ve finished with this other eye too, now I’m going to start with foundation. I bought a new foundation, the Maybelline Superstay Foundation in coco. I’ve not tried it yet but apparently, it is really good. So that’s what I’m gonna use today but before that, I’m gonna apply my primer first. The primer I’m gonna be using is the Sleek mattifying primer because my face gets really oily. what do you call it? It produces a lot of oil. So if I use this primer, this is nearly finished. It controls the oil produced by my face. so it doesn’t show up hat much on my face. It also makes your foundation last longer. So I’m gonna put that all over my face.

Then rub that into your skin. Just like the way you apply your face cream. So I’m gonna use this foundation and pump it on my skin. I’m not sure this is my colour. Apparently, this foundation is good but, the shade range is not that great. There’s not a lot of shades. So out of all the shades they have, if you are dark-skinned, this is the darkest colour you can get in the UK. ButI’m pretty sure that in America, you can get darker shades than this. But I’m not sure. I’ll have to double-check that. My headscarf is getting dirty. Then I’m gonna use my sponge, and blend that all over our face. It looks like this is my colour I’m not sure how it looks like in the camera. But it looks like my colour.

Hijabis are very fortunate, even if your foundation lighter or darker than your skin tone, when you wear your headscarf, no one can tell because your neck doesn’t show. Unless your hands expose you. Because your face is light and your hands are dark or face is dark and your hands are dark. But that happens Hyper pigmentation. That can happen but I don’t know. Let me close this before it drops. I’m gonna do my concealer now. The same one I used to do my eyebrows, is the same one I’m gonna use again. Conceal and define foundation in F13 that’s what I’m going to use. Put it under my eyes. I’m gonna use this to try and clean up the eyeshadow a bit. Then on the bridge of my nose. the forehead I’m not sure if you can hear me properly because I don’t think I’m speaking eh clearly, my speaking is not too clear or loud enough so I’m gonna try Then here, your chin, its chin, right? That’s what its called right? I don’t even know.

I look like Zimba (masquerade) Then I’m gonna use the sponge, the concealer dries down really quickly, so you have to be very quick with it. You have to be quick when blending it if not, it won’t blend properly. Your undereye will be ashy. Then do the next eye. Then blend your nose. Try and bring up the concealer to the space between your eyebrows. Then blend your forehead. Then, I’m going to use this airspun setting powder I dropped it and broke it so… Airspun Loose Face Powder that’s what I’m going to use to set my undereye. So it doesn’t crease. If you don’t set your concealer, your undereye with powder, it creases, I’m not sure if that’s just me but I have a lot of creases under my eyes, I’m not sure what that’s called in Mandinka My undereyes creases on their own not to talk about if I don’t put any powder on the concealer. I tap the powder on the concealer not bake. I don’t leave it on for too long because that also makes it crease.

Now look at the difference, this side is bit dryer. I don’t even know what I’m saying Do the same on this eye too. I have suffered!!! Got my clothes dirty with powder. Now to clean that too. Then blend it so its not too ashy Looking like I used baby powder Then use the same powder, and set my nose. Pack on a lot of powder on the nose because it gets very oily. Then the forehead, basically anywhere you put concealer. I look like a mad person Then use a brush, Now I’m going to set my face. I’m going to use this powder, it is from *PRIMARK* It’s really good, it’s a loose powder. Now I’m gonna do contour, but not really contour, more like bronzing. I’m using this pallet, its a brow pallet but I use it for bronzing.

So this dark colour right here that’s what I’m gonna use. I’m going to use the same powder, to carve out the cheekbones. I’m going to use the same brush to contour the nose So us with the big noses will get small noses I’m now moving on to highlight and I’m using the Technic 24k Gold highlighter This highlighter is very pigmented, look at it. And I think I bought it for £3 or £2.99 or £2 something from collection, No Bodyshop You see? I’m not sure if you can see it properly but in the mirror, it looks really nice. I’m using this fan brush. I don’t like my highlighter to be too much. Those are the only places I highlight. We’re nearly done, now I’m going to be doing the undereyes. Eyeshadow on the undereye, and I’m using this brush, its been used before, that’s why its got black on it but that’s fine because normally, I use black but since this is a green look, I’m going to use the same green, this green here, under my eyes.

On my waterline. Then this brown, this one here, its what I’m going to used to blend out the green. Now I’m going to use this one. This other colour, and put that in the inner corners. I’ve already outlined my lips with the brown pencil I used for my brows because I can’t find my brown lipstick I don’t know where I put it. Then I’m going to use this Lipgloss. The final step is setting spray and I’m using this setting spray to set my face. Guys, this is the final step and hopefully, you liked this tutorial. Erm I hope you liked this makeup look, I personally do. I don’t even know if this is filming or not. And if you liked it, please don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe, if you’re not already subscribed. Plus click on the notification bell to be notified whenever I upload a new video Youtube will notify you that I have uploaded a new video.

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