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Hello dear friends I got to know that you all like my talk and the tips that I give in my beauty vlog and I’m happy to know that. Moreover, it gives me more pleasure to know that you’re actually trying out whatever I suggest. Even the ones who never tried these things are taking interest and trying it out. My biggest happiness is knowing that you’ve started off your beauty regime and skin care. Because I feel all ladies should find time without excuses. Only then, all of this can be done. Else, nobody else is going to force you and tell to take care of your face and so on. Nobody is going to say it to you. You should know it by yourself and do it. Normally, ladies usually put themselves as last priority and take care of household chores. We think we will do our work sometime else and put it aside. It can be due to several reasons like lack of time, laziness, or some even think there’s no need to do this. Some would think they have kids and grandkids now and there’s nobody to show it to so there’s no need for it. But, it’s not like that.

It’s not done to show off to people. It is done to boost our self confidence and to stay healthy. Health doesn’t imply regarding body health but the facial charm, glow and the hapiness which is important. You should consciously find time for it and do it. I told you what to do till now. When any special occasion comes up like a marriage or any function at home, we rush towards a beauty parlour to do facial, hair spa and other things. We do it for temporary relief or substitute. They are all just temporary beauty treatments. Afterwards, you don’t do anything in your face for long time. You lose everything. We don’t know when we’ll do this again. We should take care of our skin everyday in a systematic manner. It will be long lasting. You will enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life. I also told you that the food which you eat matters. You should be selective about it. Also, be considerate about the things you apply on your face and body. So I told you before I will show you the 7 detoxing measures.

As a part of that, I’ve brought the necessary things so that we can start doing it. Considering today’s detoxing ingredients, we should always do it with a blend of fruits and vegetables. I’ve always thought that the colors that each vegetable acquire has an importance of its own. So we should club the vegetables of similar colors together. Club together the fruits and vegetables with orange color. Do it for other colors like red,green,pink etc. It will benefit you more if you club them like that. The properties of this blend will catch on smoothly. For today’s detox, we have – 1 Green apple 1 cucumber Everything is green. Then we need 1 kiwi which is very important. Another important thing we need is 1 spinach. These are really healthy for us when we consume it. They have so many properties. They are skin friendly, rejuvenate our skin, and acts as a food for our skin. It is very much important for all our organs. Because the blood purification happens in our liver. All the toxins and impurities are segregated in the liver and flushed out. Kidney and intestine also has the same job. So the toxic wastes are going out of our body through different methods and places.

It goes even through sweat glands. So all of this removes impurities and toxins inside us. I will show you how to make a detox juice with all these ingredients. After that, I’ll explain about each of itsbenefits and importance. I’ll tell you about the benefits we get by drinking it. We take a bit of juice and apply it on our face. After that we apply moisturizer and sunscreen. So now, we will set it up. This is our spinach or paalak(hindi term). Remove the hard stems, and then cut them one by one in long pieces. Anyway we’re going to grind and make juice of it. It will come around 1 cup in quantity. Just see when you take it in your hands, it will cover your fist completely. We will put it here. That’s one thing done. Then, we normally remove the skin of kiwi before cutting it in order to eat it. But in my opnion, not just my opinion, scientifically, it’s being said that kiwi’s skin has abundant amount of fibre. They say that you will 3 times more fibre if you eat the kiwi without removing the skin, It will benefit us a lot. So, We will take this kiwi with skin itself. Don’t remove the skin. That’s alright, it will look fine after they’re all grinded. Then we need a green apple.

Put it in saltwater for sometime and clean it thoroughly. Then we will cut it along with the skin. We will cut it with the skin intact. Right now, we have lots of pollution around us. So we need to be careful. Whatever we’re cutting along with the skin, put it in mixture of mild hot water and salt for sometime. After that, you can take it. Green apple will be a little bit sour compared to red apple. That’s why we’re not going to add lemon extract. Now we need cucumber. We will take half of one cucumber. We will chop this too along with the skin and granules inside. Now, we will grind all of them together. All of them contain a lot of anti-oxidants inside. It has lot of things that can remove the free radicals in our body. You can realize the freshness by just looking at them. We will add a bit of water to it. So, our detox green juice is ready. You can see how great it is by its look. First, I’ll drink it. It’s a little sour. You can add honey if you don’t like sourness. But in my opinion, there’s no need for that. You can enjoy this like how you would enjoy a smoothie or a cold drink. The benefits are more enriching than it’s taste. I’m surprised of things that are going inside our body. Now we will apply it to our face. I’m trasferring a bit to a bowl. 2 tbsp would suffice. I will tell you its benefits one by one. This is around 450ml.

It means it will fill up around 2 glasses. That would be as equal as the same quantity we took. However much you drink, it’ll benefit you that much. You won’t have to eat anything afterwards. After drinking the detox juice in the morning, you won’t feel hungry afterwards as it’s full of fibre. Now I will tell you the benefits one by one. Firstly, I’ll explain about the benefits of spinach. Talking about this, it benefits us both inside and outside our body. It contains a compound called nitrate. It’s a unique compound that persists in spinach. It’s said to increase our muscle strength. It is a big advantage right. There are lot of anti oxidants in it. Free radicals include all sorts of dirt in which toxins is considered to be important. Spinach will remove these toxins and it will give us more energy to fight these free radicals as it contains a lot of anti oxidants. It is also enriched with vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E Vitamin A Then, it has folic acid. There are many more things like that. It has another important thing called folate. Folate comes under vitamin B group and helps in converting carbohydrates into energy. Then I told you it has got iron content. So it has iron content which helps the red blood cells in our body. These red blood cells helps in carrying oxygen throughout the body. So it helps us with that too. So spinach is not as little as you think. That’s why we should eat it daily. The people who know more about this and advise us that we should intake atleast ½cup of spinach daily.

You can intake either 1 or ½ cup will do. It’s not necessary to consume it in this manner. I recommend this method to be consumed once or twice in a week according to your convenience. You can make a lot of curries with spinach. Spinach should be there in our daily menu. Similar to spinach, there is another vegetable called kale. You might not find it everywhere in our country. But you can find it in foreign coutnries and people use it often and prefer it more. Both kale and spinach have lot of vitamins and minerals and give us lot of benefits. If you ask me which one is more better, both have their ups and downs in them. Spinach has lot of folate and Vitamin A content. But kale has twice the amount of Vitamin C than spinach. There are only slight differences like that. But both are alight. No matter whichever one you get, both are green leafy vegetables. It’s really good for your health. Next, I’m going to talk about cucumber. As you consume it, you feel good inside out.

It gives you a cooling effect on the inside. That’s one thing. It’s good to apply on your face, create masks for facial, and it removes blackspots under your eyes. Apart from this, another advantage is that it helps in losing weight. It contains very low amount of calories. At the same time, it contains all the essential vitamins and minerals. While, the calories that increase our fat are very less in quantity. That is one advantage. The vitamins it posesses are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. Apart from this, there’s another important factor. It also contains caffeic acid. (C-A-F-F-E-I-C) Both caffeic acid and vitamin C are strong anti oxidants. When you apply the combination of both these factors on your face, it will benefit us a lot. The main advantage is that it will remove the puffiness or excessive fat on our face. It will soothe our skin a lot. It will improve the texture and provide cooling on our face. It will ensure of having no wrinkles on your face. So it’s anti wrinkle too.

So we can already realize what all benefits it has. Applying cucumber on your face will benefit you a lot. It’s a strong anti oxidant which remove puffiness, destorys free radicals maintains the young skin for you. It will hold up the ageing of your skin. So no need to avoid cucumber at all. We can drink this and what not. We also have a plan to apply it on our face. Cucumber cleans your face intensely. It’s a cleaning agent. It hydrates us as it contains a lot of water. It provides a lot of moisture to our skin as it hydrates. Then, we pertain some damages while going out in the sun, like, tan or darkening and so on. It will cool off all those troubles and has properties to soothe our skin. I hope I finish drinking it before I finish talking. Now, talking about kiwi, it has very strong anti oxidants in it. It protects us inside out. It will put up a strong war agaisnt free radicals and destroy them. It is that much strong. It contains vitamin C and vitamin E. These anti oxidants are both water and fat soluble. That is it’s speciality. It has really strong anti oxidants. Another important aspect is that kiwi contains zinc metal. Due to the prescence of zinc, eating kiwi often will increase your hair growth.

It will reduce the dandruff issues upto a mark. Also, it helps in avoiding hair loss. So, the kiwi has lots of advantages like this. Kiwi also helps in losing weight as it contains fibre. We won’t feel hungry often if we eat fibre. It will give us a lot of energy and help us sustain feeling of being hungry all the time. It has a lot of fibre and at the same time, it has very low calories. Those who are opting for weight loss can consume this fruit called kiwi. What are the advantages of applying kiwi on your face? I’ll tell you about that too. If we apply kiwi to our face, it contains vitamin C so it will create a glow on our face. It will improve our complexion. There won’t be any wrinkles and our skin will look young. Also, it is a great cleanser and remove all our impurities on our face. In short, kiwi is also very important and good for our body. See what all things do we have in it. Kiwi will take away all the dirt and impurities from your face and afterwards, you’ll get a clean face. Our last fruit is green apple.

If you ask me what are qualities of green apple, it is quite low in fat content so it will improve our blood circulation. It will prevent us from having heart diseases. It increases the metabolism in our body. This too contains good anti oxidants so it will help in destroying free radicals. There are so many advantages like that in green apple. It also has a lot of water content. So, it has hydrating qualities for our body. It is also enriched with vitamin A and vitamin C. If you ask me which is better from green and red apple, the red apple is more sweeter as it has more sugar content in it while green apple is a bit sour. It has minute differences like that between each other. It has lot of vitamin C. It will repair our skin and make it look younger. It will benefit us a lot if we apply it on our face. Even if you can’t eat it daily, try consuming 2-3 green apples in a week as and when you can. If we add good food in our diet, it will benefit us both inside and outside our body. So, in short, green apple will also benefit us very much. So, this detox is a mixture of so many beneficial products for our body. Detox drink actually helps in removing the impurities and toxins inside your body.

So we should make it a part of our diet. After waking up in the morning, drink water in empty stomach and then cosume this drink next. This is the second one that I am showing to you guys. Now, we will deal with facepack. I have kept some rice flour with me. When we use powdered substances like this, the advantage we have is that when we massage our face in the end after it dries out, all the dead skin cells will be gone. I’ve taken 2 tbsp of the pack. Add necessary rice flour to it. There’s no certain quantitiy as such as the consistency of the paste is what matters. Consistency in the sense the paste that can be put on our face smoothly. That’s all. Maybe you’d need 2-3 tbsp. We will make the paste and put it aside for the time being. Before applying the pack, we will take little bit of juice and massage our face with it. Before that, let me just put on the towel. Else, it will create stain my clothes. I’ve covered accordingly. Now let’s do a little bit of massage. I’m getting vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, and lots of other things through this. I have strong belief that you can witness the result as the changes in my skin will be clearly visible. I can feel the changes right after I drank it. There’s an increase in energy level. I can smell the fragrance of green leaves. Everything is green right. It smells really great.

All the toxins and impurities in my skin will be gone. Skin will be cleansed and become hydrated and it will look smooth. As there are mixture of substances rather than just one thing, we will get several benefits from this. A certain factor which one lacks will be compensated by another substance. Either do it for 3 minutes or you can do it upto 5 minutes too. 3-5 minutes or you can do it according to your time. If you’re not getting enough time to do all this in the morning, you can do it at night before sleeping. It’s just that you should get the necessary skin care every day. It’s not necessary to do it in the morning. But those who can do it in the morning, do it. Rest of the poeple can spare 30 minutes for this at night. You should drink this detoxing juice in the morning. After drinking it, you can leave some in the fridge. After coming back at night, mix the rice flour in the pack and do the face massages at night. In the morning, after doing oil massage, applying egg white, and after cleaning up, if you don’t have time to put face pack, bath and then do facewash and apply moisturizer. Afterwards, apply sunscreen and makeup if you want and then you can go out. Mild makeups are more than enough. If you’re attending big functions, only then you need big makeups, else small makeups would do.

That’s what I think. It’s better to use minimal amount of makeup items. So we had a good massage now. Now, take the pack which was kept aside. It contains everything. Make sure you apply it on your neck too. Currently I’m fully covered, that’s why I can’t do it too deep. When you’re doing it at your home, you can apply it in the neck region too. Neck is also a part of your face. Many people were asking how can we remove the black mark and lines that are there below the neck region. You should follow all the treatments that I’ve told. You’ll see a lot of change. So I’m done applying facepack on my face. It is visible I hope. I haven’t tried to apply in the lower region of eye. I’ve avoided that area. It looks wonderful. We can walk around with the green mask. It just needs to dry out. So let us wait for it. It will dry after sometime. You don’t have to wait till it dries too much. After it dries out a bit, wet your face with cold water, massage, and then wash it away.

It’s good to remove and kill dead cells or dead skin if you do it this way. It will go away because of the rice flour. This is an amazing facepack. It will be the change that we provide for our skin from the outside. Make sure you don’t eat it or let it go inside. It’s raw rice flour. If it’s the juice, then it’s alright. So this is what we need to do. Hope you understood everything. I’ll finish the drink as I wait for the pack to dry out. I will show the washing part too after it dries out. Just look at the pack that I’ve applied on my face. It has become really dry here. There’s still a bit of wetness but we can wash it in this stage. As it is enriched with vitamin C content, I won’t recommend this for people with sensitive skin. Before applying anything on your face, this part of our hand is almost as soft as our face, you should apply a bit first there which is called a patch test. If there are no allergies there, you can put it. Still, just be careful. As it has lot of vitamin content, it might smother a bit.

I can feel that strongly on my face. I’m ok with it. But you should be careful while applying it. It might not benefit all skin types as it has lot of vitamins. If you can do it, it’s well and good. I don’t think it’ll be a big problem. You can face a little bit of smotherin I hope. Everybody can do it regardless of their skin types. The cleansing process is going on. I’m going to wet the dried parts of my face. As I have to show it to you guys, that’s why I’m sitting here and doing the washing process. I have kept the water in a bowl. This is what I was telling you. We will get a bit more of a scrubbing effect when we do it like this. If the rice flour has very little particles, then we will get a scrubbing effect. You can see the changes on my face. Last time when I had done oil massage, people told me I didn’t show them how to massage my nose. There’s nothing much to do. Just rub it over here and here like this. Do it on the sides of your nose and then over here. I told you we got a scrubbing effect.

So all the dead skins will go with this. How’s it looking? Look at the aftereffect. I feel really refreshed and my face looks all clean. So we’ve dealt with first part of cleaning. Now, I’ll dip the towel in water. Then, wash our face once more. You can see good results right. The complexion will get highlighted. I can’t even touch it. It feels that soft. We should give it some time to cool off. I’m feeling really fresh and have a rejuvenated feeling. I feel like my skin has got young and smooth. So you will also feel like that. Skin rejuvenation is happening well and good and all the toxins have gone away. It will benefit you very much. That’s what I want to say. I know it’s a very lengthy video yet you watched it with utmost patience. I had to explain so much that’s why it was lengthy. I’m sorry for that. Thank you for watching.

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