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Beauty routine

I used to be ableto stick this spoon on my nose. This is not part of date night, OK? Hey, guys!It’s Miranda Kerr here and this is my date-nightduring lockdown. This is my little ritual that I do. My little bit of time for self-care. OK, so, I’ve had my shower.

My hair’s still dryinga little bit back here. I made sure that I shaved my legs. Before I got in the shower,I body brush. I love to use upwards strokeswhen I body brush. It really feels energising,gets the circulation going. I really think it’s important to set the tone spritzing some sageor Palo Santo spray. Then I really love to give myselfa little bit of a massage. Woo! This is a giftthat my mum gave me for Christmas. And I am just so grateful. I love getting massages and because I’m unableto get massages right now, this has been a lifesaver. If you don’t have one of these,for self-massage I have this littlegua sha rose quartz and I use that on tension points. You can even usethe end of a makeup brush. OK. So now to get startedon my skincare routine. I’m going to use the rose mist.

Vitamin C serum and just put it all over my face. I put a little bit on my hands, too. Can’t forget your hands. Face oil. A few drops. And I press thatinto my skin as well. It really gives that glow. Eye oil. To really soothe and cool. I put it on any lines. Last, but not least, in my skincare I use the Turmeric Glow moisturiser and it just feels so good on your skin. So I always like to massage upwards. Coming back to my gua sha, you can really justmassage your face and get the circulation going. I have more crystals here. Rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst. I like to have these nearby. They’re just little toolsthat help me feel relaxed and pampered. If you take like five, 10, 15, 20 minutes even for yourself,you give so much more back because once you fillyour own cup up, then you can overflowand fill others.

One thingthat I’m really particular about, and anybody who knows me will know is I’m very particularabout my nails. A little that I love,it’s this little tool. And what I like to dois use a couple of drops of the oil on my cuticles, push them back with this. When I was younger, I did work experienceat a beauty salon and so I actually learnedhow to do nails. And that’s probably whyI’m so particular about it. New show: Manicure with Miranda. There you go. Nails are clean and shiny. Let’s get started on my makeup. Do use this incredible”un” cover-up makeup. So you can see here, when I put it, see?It’s that beautiful texture. Teddy! Teddy! There she is. I’ve had pigmentation issues ever since I first got pregnantwith my first child and I have three children now. I have a six-month-old, a two-year-old and a nine-year-old.

Three boys. I’m going to puta little bit of concealer… There you go,you can see it there. I just put it over areasthat need a little more coverage. And I like to press it in. So at the moment, I’m doing a lot of conference callsfrom home with the team and also a lot of filming from home on my phone, which is what I’m doingright now, for you guys. Concealer works really well making sure that the skin tone is even. I like to apply my blush. I’m quite big on blush. For those of you who know me, you might think I overdo my blush. But I really like that look, like I’ve just, you know, been for a run or gotten a little excited. And I like to put it on the top of my eyelids as well. You know, I figured outwhat works for me and my face. And I’ve obviously worked with the bestmakeup artists in the world and the best photographers,and I’m very lucky and very blessed. For me, the basis of great makeup is actually having great skincarebecause then it just sits and sinks into the skin. So I’m going to just puta little more pink on my lid right now.

I like to layer the wet, pinky look, and thena dry powder on top. I use my highlighter, which actually contains crushed rose quartz. You’re not only gettingthe beautiful highlight, you’re also getting the energeticbenefits of rose quartz. And tonight’s date nightis all about love. I’m obsessed with crystals. And I’ve been obsessed with crystalssince I was a little girl, since my grandfatherfirst would bring big geode crystalshome to my grandmother. Just putting a little powder here. It wasn’t until I was about 13 when I actually realisedthat crystals have a benefit to them, it’s not just that they’re pretty. I like to powder down the centre and leave the outsides more dewy. I don’t ever liketo powder my whole face, just the centre. Oh, hello. That sounds like the trash. Bless him, here,picking up the trash right now. I don’t know where we would bewithout the garbage man and all those essential workersout there. So to do my lip,we’re going to keep this mirror. And I like to line my whole lip. I find it’s a great way to make the lipstick last longer.

I’m not sure who taught me that, but I’ve done itfor a very long time. I can’t believe my firstmodelling shoot was when I was 13, and I just celebratedmy 37th birthday. No wonder I can’t rememberwho taught me. My lipstick. Oops. If you mess up, it’s OK. Before I go any further, it is time for me to curl my lashes. My friend, she taught me thatif you don’t have eyelash curlers, you can actually curlyour eyelashes with a spoon. So you get a spoon,a teaspoon that is, and, see how I’ve got the lashes? My lashes are a little bit brokenfrom all those lash extensions that I had on before quarantine. There you go. You push them, push them, do a little bit of a curl that way. Yeah, it’s good to try new thingswhen you’re… when you’re stuck.

I need to now apply my mascara. I like to get in there. Oh, see?See the difference? Wow. And because I’m doing a red lip, I’m keeping the eye makeup simple. Just with that touch of pink, little pink blush. And the focus is on the lip. So, this is a brow pencil. For me, with my eyebrows, I’ve kept my eyebrows pretty natural and I’ve followed the natural line, umm, of my brow. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve just followedits natural shape. So you know, I’m now just, kind of,filling in any little… any little areas that the hairs aren’t growing. See? My hair is still a little wet. The one thingI like to do with my hair, to get a little more volume, is put a little dry shampoo in the roots, even though I just washed it. There we go. What do you think, Teddy? I’ve got a little heel on. Teddy, yeah.

Well, I got the approval from Teddy. So, there you have it.There’s my date-night look. Hey, Vogue, it’s Miranda Kerr here. If you’d like to watchmore videos like this, please subscribe here.

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