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Hi everyone, my name is Faith. I am doing some bridal makeup and as well as any occasion makeup but for now we’re going to focus on Skincare routine plus how to achieve that bridal glow. Let start! This is in preparation for my makeup so I have to make it seen… the whole face. all right so we will start with a clean canvas so in order to achieve that healthy glow we need to have a clean canvas so to have a clean canvas we will start with skincare preparation so we need to prepare her skin, so that we will have a flawless makeup. Right, So to start of… Start with a clean face.

it’s clean. no makeup so it’s all me.bare me. We will start with a toner. with your clean hands Gold Caviar it has a collagen plus toner and anti-wrinkle effect this is very popular in Korea and you’ll have a beautiful Korean skin Alright, so after the Toner will have an Emulsion. The same Brand skin food and this one is to soften your skin It’s so cold. I like the feeling of… its like putting an ice on my face. cool so next is my big secret so as you can see this is the base from Laura Mercier flawsKim here this is beauty secrets secret revealed secret revealed to them so just a little Wow it’s like good for my skin really feel so good so if you’re a bride need to be confident with your look so as you can see you have a very clean face and clean canvas you will have a flawless makeup there you go next so in order to have a flaw less lipstick also you need to have to remove the cracked lips because there are some rights that have cracked lips or you can use this this is very famousLucas pop out a lot of celebrities use this this project and next is a primer so

I use alarm Mercier radiance primer for that glowy look extra that’s for the base before doing your makeup all right and that’s the part of your skincare in spatial spring if this is optional no but I usually move this to the right so in order for the skin to absorb all the products we can this facial massage to help your bride feel relaxed because of course on their day they will feel very nervous so it can help them relax as well so you can use this on your own for yourself as wellWow it’s so nice you can feel your cheeks being massaged and I never obviously then you sit in my back so most Brides doesn’t have don’t have enough sleep the day before their big day so this helps them relax and of course to absorb all the products in your seat so relax right and so we’re done with the base okay so first up I’m going to use a foundation so this is also my Bridal favorite the NARS so in the in the shade species alright so I’m using a damp sponge she can also use a brush a foundation brush but as for me I prefer this because it has a seamless finish like an airbrush finish so in using the foundation you just have to tap or fat you don’t have to do like this okay so for the brush there is if you’re going to use a foundation brush it will have a more coverage and like the sponge people have a lesser coverage but if you want to achieve a fuller coverage you can use your brush but as you can see we need to achieve a natural bridal group so we need to use but it depends on your skin type so if your skin has a lot of you know imperfections you know we all have that so you can choose the cooler coverage and you can use the brush commonly we have normal to dry skin you have the combination we have the oily skin so for oily skin you have to use a matte foundation Watford rice can try to have a moisturizing foundation you can see her dark circles are a little bit hidden I booked some Pringles right so we’re not with the foundation this is me with foundation so actually make up doesn’t happen so as for me I try to have my own steps because there are some rationality or reasons behind behind that so for me after the foundation.

I will do the eyebrows it’s because I will have to have the concealer later to clean the edges so and after that I to conceal the under-eye or dark circles and also the other imperfections were spots pouring the brows I’m using the LA girl this is a dupe for – that’s yeah so the shade is soft brown since she has a lighter color of her hair some room it is really good all right so after the vows I will use that concealer so this one I’m using the heart-shaped face this is bloggers favorites and of course celebrities favorites yeah so I have to clean the edges and then conceal or under eye and highlight your face sousing a concealer brush you can clean the edges so as you can see I’m cleaning the edges and at the same time I’m priming her eyes using the concealer eye primer is also very important so that the eyebrows will stay in place for a long time since your bride has to be wearing your makeup all day so this equal to Foundation and foundation eye shadow and every thing is to bless that’s the key you need to knowhow to play so I’m using one shade lighter for the container so that it can serve as a you can highlight your face desktop so again you need to highlight here the bridge of the nose under your chain and the Cupid’s bow right so what’s the secret blend alright before using any powders you need to have the green versus some of the using a cream blush this blush will be removed usually first you can cover this one minute how dirty turn I amusing my fingers this is a cream blush just back on the sides of the Israeli Apple submachine so I’m using sunny space this is hair blush in the shade disco so we need to set her face with it setting powders soI’m using buff Beach 130 so I’m setting this with brush except everywhere so that your foundation will stay in place so after setting the face you need to you will cook a translucent powder under eyes so that it will catch the ball out of your eye shadows yes yes everyone called it.

I’m using the again longer my favorite Laura Mercier translucent powder great so for her eyes I will use theJacqueline Hale palace from I don’t know if it’s work or more feet alright so I’m gonna use a further crease I will use the lighter color so you have to make sure you don’t have harsh edges so you need to have a blending brush later on to land so we don’t want any marsh harsh edges so try to blend the edge with this blending brush this is my favorite morning rush this is from one more change of jeffree star j f5 okay so after that transition color so with a smaller brush try to have a darker tone at the outside of your crease so I’m gonna be using this brown color here so in a circular motion try to good to work the outer crease in this motion going in is your blending brush to avoid arches so one of the middle of them slid you can use your finger so that because I’m gonna be using a shimmer colors so you can choose here alike your colors shimmer colors are is best with fingers because it will stay in place or you can bring it under the settings great in your brush to achieve that more pigment color and don’t forget to water so you can go back with your mouth shades and add water the outside of her grades doing ooh now for the eyeliner.

I’m going to have a base here this one part of the eye shaft yes a black line and then I’m gonna top it off with black eyeliner eyeliner so eyeliners that I have usually much but course we don’t want that to happen over bright they are more emotional and they cry so we need to avoid that we need to have a waterproof eye makeup not only for the eyes but also for your foundation so went to see an eyeliner you need to put it as closest to the lash lash line as possible we need to avoid again so for the lower eyes you need to use what you use above or on the eyelids so the same color same color over and offer so to meet that UPS will eating back a little too different to open the ice more or to make your eyes pop to try to use a white color shimmer white in the tear downs of your eyes so that it well I’m adding a shimmer eye liner in her lower lash line okay so I’m using the dead man’s eye pencil hi AlbertKearney Alan this is my favorite now this is in the shade Dorian rose gold colors and I’m mixing it with dyssoft white so as you can see your eyes and mouth off and more a light more awake soon we’re going to curl your lashes so for the mascara.

I am a big fan of maybe yes it’s waterproof nose much for the brace so don’t forget the lower lashes but I’m gonna add a brow gel from benefits to let her eyebrows because I have lots of hair and pale early some of them are folding now though this is in the shade number two Reese more better okay so we’re going to brush off the excess we’re done baking thank you here yes so using the fluffy brush and now we will put her false eyelashes so for for my Bryce I usually use a natural more natural looking lashes so this is from all lash that kind of mad we’re done with the eye makeup we will proceed to contour we’re going to use this full of benefit this is also one of my favorites if you have a certain phase and although things are really to make your face look worn ever so that’s the magic ofConsular we can put here under your shoes this is to create a shadow on earth then I’m gonna top it off with my favorites come to a powder this is the hour glass this is a little bit pricey but this is reading person so I’m going to use an angled brush to blend that contour so look at this it’s still very harsh soyou need to plan it out in order to remove those harsh and highlight your nose as well a little bit try to blend it also very well that it will look very natural so to highlight.

I’m going to be using this Becca limited edition this is my favorite this shape is jumping off my all-time favorite champagne top this really makes a difference have that glowy skin look the highest point of your jeans tip of your nose and a little bit we can’t look a little bit kinder than she next my favorite because I’m a blush girl again I’m gonna be using this hourglass palette I will blend these two colors this is really a good combination I’m gonna brush this highlight under then so for the lipstick I will combine my favorite Bridal piece this is the tiny lipstick in the shade candy cane and Mac in this shade kinda sexy you can also line her lips to make your lips look fuller especially since her lips is some small to know the let’s try to make it more forward I’m going to be using them Kylie Jenner’s lip liner and pipes okay and after that super nun with her make up we will tap it with this mac’s fix+ so she’s free to set everything all the makeup on my face we’re done to the makeup and I will beright back with your final book yeah so this is the final look and so as you can see we’re trying to make her eyes more awake yes I can see we have flawless makeup since we prepped our skin before doing her right now because and you can also use to this Nat sume and wedding so you can also use any special shine thank you everyone thanks for watching and I hope from this video this is brought to you by faith just have a makeup studio for more bookings pretty shun wedding Dibble and all other fuchsia you can private message her in Facebook and don’t forget to click the link below

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