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36 weeks pregnant

Hey guys it’s me I look a mess I’m out of breath I’m just walking in the room but today is what today is lost check today but today is a day but we’re gonna be taking pictures today maternity pictures and I’m gonna take them with Gary and Leilani and I wanted to film it so I have to get ready we’re taking them at home of course we’re quarantined I have to get ready I have to get my mommy’s clothes ready Gary’s clothes ready Michael is ready we’re just wearing all black I just want to kind of capture this moment even then even though even though I’ve been sick and not feeling the best haven’t been able to sleep at night but we’re in the homestretch I don’t have that much longer guys I am 36 weeks pregnant I don’t have that much longer so we got to get this party started okay so I’m gonna look for some clothes so don’t mind my messy room but I think I found the perfect shot no we’re about to take pictures say hi to everybody say hi but yeah this is a perfect top because I want my belly tos how and it’s a crop top but my belly is so big I just put my hair in a what in the way kind of glued it down the edges or whatever but yeah this is the blowout hair I did in my last video I think I think I’m gonna go for like a simple natural beat because it’s late I don’t feel like doing so much look how dark my neck has gotten just from being pregnant so I’m gonna start off with the NYX honey do me up primer it’s one of my favorites you guys know I love this stuff this is actually a new bottle I just love this because it feels so hydrating on my face are my hands clean I don’t know I always have to alcohol my hands with let’s rub this all over it just feel so good put it down my next two cuz we’re gonna put makeup all down there and then I’m gonna go in with thee well Mercier foundation radiance primer this is like a bronzy primer and it has I got a little tint to it that’s why I like it.

It’s almost gone but I have like five more because I can’t run out put that on the bottom half of my face my face is that unsold chubby since I’ve been pregnant but I guess that’s what comes with this hair Tori right hi guys Oh sister we’re wearing thank you we’re wearing black and jean for the pictures today I’m gonna use the Born This Way Foundation and the laura mercier combined because i noticed when i use just this one by itself it’s a little too light because my neck is so dark I’m gonna mix these two I guess put on back in my hand just one pump of the Born This Way and then like a full pump of that let’s see where that gets me I’m gonna use this morphe m4 39 brush put one more like a half a pump of the Too Faced and I’m like a little bit more than Laura Messier I need to mix it though still a little light but I feel like those who based kind of ox about it is a little bit maybe I just got darker overall you know I’m definitely gonna put some don’t unhook these my microfiber sponge so just blend this in because other than that just looks okeso now for brows I’m going to use the anastasia dipbrow and I’m gonna do the front part I’m going to use la girl Pro conceal in the color warm honey so concealed underneath my brows thenI’m just gonna blend it out with a brush I take a little bit of foundation a little bit like that and put it on my legs they’re a little dark I’m not doing crazy eyeshadow today so I’ll use my Beauty Blender to put that in it’s a nice gonna addicted to ice this whole time.

I’m gonna use my Maybelline instant age rewind concealer and the color tan and caramel yeah that’s a lot just gonna put it in the areas I usually put the sealer there and I like to use the caramel shade just to lighten it up just a little bit let’s go right on top I go in with my Beauty Blender I just blend out the concealer I even put some oh my I was just so that everything matches up you know okay so now I’m gonna use some Laura Mercier translucent powder and I’m gonna put this underneath my eyes and I’m not gonna bake or anything I don’t think I always say that and then I end up baking but I just want this to be like a natural looking beat you know but I just love how the Laura Mercier powder makes my under eyes look I like how it sets my face so after thatI’m gonna go with my Mac MSF this is great if you want to take photos and you’re using a flash this will help take that flash back away the Laura Mercier translucent powder usually doesn’t give me a flashback anyway but I just like to make sure that it doesn’t it by putting this powder on and it makes sureFoundation and stuff looks so creamy so I’m gonna take this Anastacio palette is really beat-up it has a whole bunch of contour shades in it and I’m gonna take this darker shade and just put that in my crease area just to contour my eyes a little bit so that it doesn’t look so flat see how it just contours the eye that’s what I needed nothing crazy just a little eye contour now.

I’m gonna take my little lash box I don’t know what lashes are which but I’m gonna use these top ones I think and I’m gonna slap these bad boys on it so my lashes are on I’m going to use my L’Oreal stick first to put a little and the hollows of my cheek right there right here my phone died so I had to get my vlogging camera that I haven’t used this so long so I’m just gonna use my Anastacio palette and just go on top of that contour this I’m using this as a camera or as a mirror because I don’t have a mirror when I go down the bridge of my nose as well with that doesn’t want a little shadowI’m gonna use my medium deep by Laura Mercier use this to chisel my cheeks just a little bit I’m gonna use this Sonia Kashuk bronzer/ highlighter it’s really a highlighter on dark skin I love it and he’s a little fan brush this gives you like a natural Sheen and it’s so pretty it just looks so nice especially in the Sun who a Beamen but it’s not overbearing like you can put a lot and it won’t look like you have on a ton of highlight but it’ll look like your skin is glowing from the inside so pretty on dark skin I don’t even know if they sell it anymore but ohI need to put some above my brow a little bit what’s that pregnancy extra pregnancy low you know and I’m just gonna brushaway this powder and most of the time.

I use my MSF just to get rid of that win e o that it’s not so harsh underneath there you know you want it to bechiseled but not overdone and where mahogany Ohio I knew I would like the shame and now just the final step I’m gonna use my iconic spray iconic like glowy Spray look at that so pretty no patrollers in this section I’m gonna put a roller right here just because it makes it look better can you grab me a roller right over here oh right in that pink box right there purple roller roller in this so that you’re just gonna curl the bottom pieces it’s probably about midnight now can we make a braid up to the bathroom my bathrooms a mess but I think I like you you know next a little dark but I can’t help it but for my stomach I’m gonna put on some of this hot oil actually works really good to make your stomach look really shiny put this on the belly just to make it shine a little bit so big now then why are you ready to take pictures you ready hey pizza is it good but yeah this is where we taking the pictures on this wall and my rooms a mess so don’t judge me but this is where we’re taking photos see all the baby stuff is already but yeah this is where we’re taking pictures at in the room I took my other maternity photos in the room too and they could not really nice so taking them in the same spot just as a family you know we moved everything to like one side of the room my body’s getting dressed.

I actually have to put my jeans on – yeah you do it mommy got the address – here you do it you’re almost six you can do it all right I’m not scared good good but I’m scared okay carrot okay I don’t even know if these jeans will fit I don’t think they fit oh do they fit we go make them fit we go make em fit yeah they can’t even button we can see a woman look they won’t button in the front is ready yeah go get it on a little washcloth for your face go get a little washcloth for face which how to use this Gary she just passed us off on her face or whatever I don’t know how isn’t gonna look I don’t know if this is gonna work but I’m gonna try it out I’m gonna try we’re gonna try and see how my hair looks without the roller this girl with this harmonica wear black you need a lint roller whole bunch of little over you I’m a barber yah look inside I’m a barber it’s my second time goodness here all right you guys ready yeah first started so I’m going to take a picture I have like inspiration photos I love this photo with like daughterI’m the dad shoulder and then you know this kind of thing so this is what I kind of want to do I thought this picture was cute just the one picture and I saved it and all we can do more than just that my turn kiss mommy why he’s holding her hands down look at everybody’s position where we’re supposed to be okay how see what can you even see in the picture you could look let me show you how we look here look come look this is how the photo came out.

I can’t get that circle there’s a girl right there seeing circles the light tired everybody needs serious pictures we have found serious put this together so we just took some weight that was cute wait well I’ll you turn like this daddy and you go straight meygan state thanks for eating here and then what you should I turn the other way like I am yeah she’s just thing straight I can’t do that oh I’m sitting here looking at the photos on my phone and they came out really nice I’m just going through of course I have to edit them and crop them and stuff but they came out really nice I swear you have to take like fifty photos to get one good photo this lighting is fire though I have my ring light in two box lights it looks really good right here yeah so the pictures look really goodI’m kind of nauseous I don’t know why they bring light and all the lights make me feel so nauseous all the time I don’t understand why but I think that’s it I’m just gonna show you guys some of the photos at the end of the video which i snow and I will see you guys in the next video remember to subscribe like this video and share it with friend I II you…

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