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14 beauty hacks

Hello there ladies And gentlemen today’s video is going to be on hacks that every girl should know Let’s be honest being a girl would be quite tricky. We deal with a lot of stuff and my boyfriend doesn’t agree He’s like. No you guys get it easy you guys let me know down below this video a thumbs up if you think That it’s kind of hard to be a girl it really is This video will teach you a whole bunch of things that you’ve never before seen on just ways to make your life easier And we’re already girls girls, we bring the world girls. We run the world It’s also a collaboration with my lovely friend here on YouTube beauty with Kashi.

She’s amazing She has just really beautiful. She’s just really pretty but I mean other than that She’s really great with makeup and just hair tips, so make sure you guys check out her video She’s also Gonna be doing a beauty hacks video You know just in case you need any more hacks Her video links will be linked down below make sure you check her out and show her some love Tell you that that outies family. Thank you. That’s our name by the way people I think it’s kind of weird, but it’s okay cause were all kinda weird here anyways without further ado If you struggle with short nails and a strategy to really make them grow all you’re gonna need are press-on nails now This is really great because it helps your nails look pretty throughout the week as your real nails grow in this doesn’t require the glue That messes up your nails instead just requires these little tackies that you apply it underneath the nail this lasts about one week so in the meantime your natural nails are throwing and they’re looking pretty at the same time this has been a really great strategy of Mine because I tend to get a little bit stressed and I have a really bad habit when I’m in school to bite my nails But this has really helped me just throw out my nails and you know give my nails that chance of life If you don’t feel comfortable with having hair on your arms and your only choice is to shave it think again girlfriend or boyfriend They’ll be shaving those arms.

Don’t shave it. Just instead use a cream bleach. I tend to use this a lot and it just Minimizes the appearance of your hairs and makes them a lot more Natural and it’s less defeating on your skin this hat goes out to all you ladies who are afraid of your hairstylist? I totally understand It’s very terrifying so if you feel like your hairstylist is one of those that never listens to you always cuts excessive amount of hair Then I have a solution for you All you’re gonna do is when your hair is the way you like it Take a picture of it put it in your memory Leave it in your phone next time you come around you show them those pictures And they know exactly what to do set up no more bad hair days I’m a huge fan of red lips that I do find them a little bit hard to wear they tend to smear and it’s just Kind of hard to have glossy lips when they’re so pigmented so what you’re gonna need for this to make them matte is some powder And all you’re gonna do with this powder is just take a little bit out and then just buff that basically onto your lips with A tool like one of these and it just kind of helps minimize the gloss effect It’s really interesting how oh I guess this comes about I know if this is like makeup signs But it tends to work on me all the time it helps mattify the lipstick or the lip gloss, and it just makes it so much more wearable and like it’s

This next hack is taking a notecard and cutting it to the shape of your eye if you’re someone that really Just creates a masterpiece at the Casa Masterpiece on your eye and then your Mascara ruins it this is gonna help you guys out a lot especially if you’re in a hurry I also find that this method is amazing for really coating all the lashes and making them look a lot longer If you’re interested in a home remedy to make your lips wider then take no further than the kitchen baking soda is amazing for this It naturally has this effect to make your teeth whiter I use this about once a week And I definitely notice results try it out If your skin tends to be very sensitive to fake jewelry then I have a solution for you All you got to use is a little bit of vaseline This is just gonna help mask from the skin to the fake jewelry And it’s just gonna be more comfortable to wear now another trick that I had that’s really awesome It’s worked a lot on me is to use clear nail polish so with this one. All you’re gonna do is take a little bit of that nail polish and coat it on top and this also creates like the Separation between the fake jewelry and your earlobe so therefore it’s a lot more comfortable to wear and you won’t be complaining with itchy earlobes now if you happen to be all out of your shaving gel and you have Tarantulas going down there don’t go for it girls.

Just go to your kitchen Get some olive oil pour it on there You know this is Gonna create really nice soft legs And it’s gonna be so much easier to shave with if you struggle with a lot of acne scarring you’re not there is a Solution and a very simple one if you buy yourself a louie Baron aloe, Vera plant They’re super Abundant and giving and aloe Vera has like this medical It’s like medicine for your skin you see how it heals itself if you just apply this to your skin every night I assure you you’re gonna wake up with much younger looking skin much more fresh and much more radiant not to mention This is a very gentle and effective way to get rid of acne scarring now beauty sleep is just as important as beauty hacks So it’s been proven that sleeping your right side will actually help you fall asleep a lot faster than sleeping on your left So next time you’re struggling just heard a struggle of hot days the worst thing of hot days is when you get pancake Underarms I totally understand this is super embarrassing, but you know what it’s totally normal, but embarrassing So to prevent this all you’re gonna need is to apply your deodorant the night before I would also highly suggest a deodorant That’s Paraben free and that is completely natural it just helps you know flush out toxins And in a better way, I can assure you this is gonna make your sweat much more manageable and less embarrassed I personally have a huge pet peeve with Bra straps I feel like it takes away from the elegance and style of shirts so all you got to do is get some paper pins So what you’re gonna.

Do is flip your bra. You’re gonna clip it to one end Then you’re gonna pass it through to the other as you can see here And it’s just gonna create like a little clip there no more worrying about your bra over shining you and your beautiful shirt none of that girl Now this beauty hat is two-in-one I found out that when you eat celery you actually burn more calories by digesting it than by consuming Always remember that you are beautiful the way you are and if you accept yourself you love yourself That is the best beauty hack of them all let me know if you’d like to see beauty hacks for confidence I feel like that’d be kind of cool. We could start that That’s it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed if you did don’t forget to give you a thumbs up and let me know down below Um what’s the hardest thing about being a girl for you? I mean personally I mean There’s a lot. I’m really tough girl, but it’s also really fun to be a girl, so I think the tough thing is period oh If you want to stay up to date with me in my life I always give you guys the little sneak previews and updates on my latest video So if you don’t follow me on my Instagram Twitter snapchat, you’re definitely missing out on a lot of really fun information So I’ll leave those linked down below just in case you wanna follow me And I do these falls free every once in a while on Twitter, so I love to follow you back And I guess I’ll see you guys next time.

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